Lowering Your Bounce Rate and Sharing Links on Twitter

Bounce rate is defined as: “the percentage of web site visitors who arrive at a web site entry page, then leave without going any deeper into the site.” SEO 2.0 looks at seven simple ways you can lower your bounce rate. Here is my favorite advice from the piece:

7. Place search on top
Many people who don’t find what they seek in an instant resort to search. So those visitors, especially SV who do not find exactly what they want and who do not spot the search form will leave. If you’re after the conversion this also applies to the call to action.

Wordyard has some great advice for Twitter:

So here’s an opportunity for Twitter, or for someone else, if the Twitter team is too busy: Offer a service very similar to Twitter but optimized for link-sharing. (FriendFeed is cool but it’s trying to do so many other things at the same time that I don’t think it suits what I’m talking about.) Make it easier to share links real-time; expose the actual URL; give us some rudimentary tools for organizing the links; and watch something cool grow.

Of course, Twitter has the critical mass of usage right now, and that’s not going away. But surely there’s room for improvement.

What are you reading today?


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