Anchor Text Links, Analytics Hacks and Plugins

Ever wonder how many words or characters Google reads in the anchor text of a link? This person did.

It appears the answer to the question ‘how many words in a text link” is 55 characters, about 8-10 words.

Why is this important to know?

1. You get to understand how many words Google will count as part of a link
2. You can see why you should keep titles to a maximum amount of characters
3. You can see why your domain name should be short and why urls should be snappy
4. You can see why you should rewrite your urls (SEF)
5. It’s especially useful especially when thinking about linking internally, via body text on a page.

Google Analytics is, with good reason, the most popular web analytics software in use today. Here are a bunch of great plugins and hacks you can use to make this super functional software even better.


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