Kevin Rose Explains How to Succeed on Digg

Good advice from the founder of Digg. These ideas make the most sense to me:

1. What’s in the news? Think about the big story of the moment. This week (this year) the American presidential election has been a continuous hit, only really eclipsed for a while by the Olympics in August. At the moment, readers are fascinated by Obama, Palin and McCain and not just in the States. What can you say that is different or new? Here’s a perfect example of a popular Digg story combining the Foo Fighters and John McCain

4. Go niche Digg is about to launch new ways of customising the site for users so they can link up with other lovers of niche content. Niche is the future.

And finally, one way to get noticed on Digg is to appeal for Diggs – so if you like this post – please digg it.


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