Advice from the Blogosphere: Bounce Rates, Email Subjects, Social Advertising and The Future of Social News

Dosh Dosh has some good advice on how to lower your bounce rate. It is worth reading in full if you aren’t happy with your bounce rate (hint: you should never be happy with your bounce rate.)

1. Test your site with a group of users. Ask them to enter your site from specific pages. Get feedback based on their experiences. This will give you ways to improve.

2. Expose next steps. Give visitors actions to take if they are interested in the current page. Add links to more information at the bottom of the copy or within content.

Email Trainer offers some information on the importance of email subject lines, as well as some tips on making yours stick out.

According to Jupiter Research, 35 percent of email users open their emails because of the words in the subject lines of the emails they receive. Since the average consumer reads over 300 subject lines per week, your subject lines have to be extra special to get noticed. So, how is your email going to stand out in the inbox?

This is from last week, and I still don’t know what to think.

On Monday, Goldstein is expected to announce “social banners,” or display ads that turn you or your friends into the hook of a marketing message. In tandem, SocialMedia will announce that it’s developed a patent-pending algorithm called FriendRank to power those social banners. It’s like Google’s PageRank, but instead of ranking pages for their popularity, it ranks friendships.

Muhammad has some fascinating thoughts on why Reddit might be the future of social news. Worth reading, as always.


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