An Introduction to Social Technographics

I was introduced to this concept in an excellent new book, Groundswell: Winning in a World Transformed by Social Technologies.

Social technographics is a classification of groups of people based on how they use social technologies online. A social technographics profile is a set of information about a group’s online habits.

This slideshow helps to explain the concept.

The book also introduces a corrolary concept, the social technographics ladder.

Here is the ladder, for U.S. Adults who use the Internet:

Creators (18%) – Publish a blog, publish a webpage, create/upload video, create/upload music, write/publish text
Critics (25%) – Post ratings/reviews, comment on a blog, contribute to online forums, contribute to or edit articles on a wiki
Collectors (12%) – Use RSS feeds, add tags to webpages or photos, vote for webpages online
Joiners (25%) – Maintain a profile on a social networking site, visit social networking sites
Spectators (48%) – Read blogs, watch video from other users, listen to podcasts, read online forums, read customer ratings/reviews
Inactives (44%) – None of these activities


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