Get ‘Em Outside: A Case Study on Promoting Web Videos

On the morning of April 14th 2008 we began promoting a video for the No Child Left Inside Coalition.

As of 10am the video had been viewed 260 times. The first order of business was to submit the video to several social news sites. I decided to focus on the three which generally send the most traffic, Digg, Stumbleupon and Reddit.

By noon the Digg submission had already made the front page, eventually garnering 1,300+ diggs and 200+ comments. This was enough to make it the top video within 24 hours at the time, generating additional traffic.

By early afternoon the reddit submission had made it’s way to #4 on the hot list. By staying in the top 20 (first page) for the duration of the day, the post generated 350+ votes and 150+ comments.

On Stumbleupon, the post received 20 thumbs up, but did not quite make it to the buzz page.

Meanwhile, while the submissions were rising on the social media sites, I was busy sending information about the video to various bloggers and email lists. By the end of the day, dozens of blogs had linked to or embedded the video. Here are some of the highlights:

Additionally, Earth Day TV embedded the video on their site.


10am: 260
Noon: 809
4pm: 16,127
7am: 33,179
10am: 33,672
Noon: 34,348
4pm: 35,038
10am: 37,212

Over the next few weeks, views of the video continued to increase, reaching 42,000 by early May.


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