The Buzz on Yahoo Buzz, Link Building through Competitive Analysis, Twitter Going Mainstream

ReadWriteWeb has just confirmed what we already suspected: Yahoo Buzz has the potential to be a social media game changer. They report that a front page story on Yahoo Buzz generates significantly more traffic and commenters than Digg, Slashdot or any of the other major social media sites. This was to to be expected, of course, given Yahoo’s massive traffic as both a destination and a portal. Unfortunately, Yahoo Buzz is only open to a select group of publishers, for now at least. If they really want to gain footing in the social media world, they’ll need to stop censoring their users before long.

SEO Shankar takes a look at Link Building Based on Competitive Analysis:

Looking at the links obtained by your top competitors and pursuing methods of your own to get listed on those sites/pages is an excellent way to stay competitive in the link building race. It’s also a good way to get natural traffic, as these are the links and sites that send your competitors their traffic, they will also bring visitors to your site.

For a nonprofit or foundation, just replace “competitors” with “similar organizations” so this makes sense. They continue, with some additional great advice:

Competitive analysis also includes using the top search results themselves as sources for links. If a site or page ranks particularly well for many related searches, a link from that site can send a healthy number of interested surfers to you. Rankings in the SERPs is also an excellent way to determine the value of a link, so if a page ranks highly for the term or phrase you’re targeting, a link from that page is sure to provide great assistance in your goal to achieve top placement.

360 takes a quick look at some of the ways organizations to use twitter. I’ll be doing a post soon on things Nonprofits can do on twitter to make their work more effective.


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