Design, Search Engine News, Old Media and Blogging Resources

WUH has a very useful post on How Design Impacts Social Media Success. They explain:

Web design and social media marketing are two topics that I enjoy studying, and the two certainly impact one another for website owners and bloggers who are attempting to increase traffic to their site. While social media is intended to put a spotlight on the best and most popular content, the look and appearance of a page will often influence social media users and their decision of whether or not they should vote for a particular submission. The design of a site can be either a positive or a negative influence on the voting decision, and social media marketers need to consider appearance as much as they consider the content and headlines.

SearchEngineLand has their regular feature, the month in review, up now for April. The most interesting story to me was this one, which explains in detail the fact that Google, the dominant force in the search industry, is gaining even more market share.

This is from last week, but still worth a read. Christopher Penn gives his take on “why old media matters more than ever”.

Chris Brogan, as part of his work with NTEN’s “ask the experts” sessions, lays out some of his favorite blogging and social media resources. They are all quite useful, and worth checking out.


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