Blog Outreach: Getting your Message in Front of a Valuable Audience

According to a 2007 blog reader survey, Liberal Blog readers are hyper-engaged: 90% voted in 2006, 81% have written or called an elected official and 70% have donated online in the last six months to a cause or campaign. 78% have college degrees and 53% make more than $75,000 a year. Compare this with the 40% of the general public who voted in 2006.

Not only are blog readers more engaged than most citizens, but they are also opinion leaders in their social circles, workplaces and places of worship. By reaching this valuable audience, you can effectively increase your visibility from both a public relations and a fundraising standpoint.

The Hatcher Group can leverage years of experience and hundreds of connections in the blogosphere to communicate with top-tier bloggers and their readers in language they understand.

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